solo exhibition_Kukje Gallery Busan



Jina Park: Human Lights

6 Aug - 12 Sep 2021



박진아: 휴먼라이트

2021.8.6 - 9.12

국제갤러리 부산


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Jina Park monograph is out now!  (0) 2020.09.01
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Happy New Night


Happy New Night 01      2019, oil on linen, 118X156cm


Happy New Night 02      2019, oil on linen, 97X120cm


Happy New Night 03     2019, oil on linen, 130X185cm


Happy New Night 04     2019, oil on linen, 109X145.5cm


Happy New Night 05     2019, oil on linen, 170X140cm


Happy New Night 06     2019, oil on linen, 170X145.5cm


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Happy New Night  (0) 2020.09.14
People Gathered Under the Lights  (0) 2018.07.12
the Vote  (0) 2018.07.12
Stage  (0) 2018.07.12
Day and Night  (0) 2018.03.19
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Jina Park monograph is out now!


작품집 발간 소식

Night for Day 박진아


250X210mm, 284페이지, 양장본

발행: 헤적프레스

기획: 박진아, 이성휘, 박연주

편집: 이한범

디자인: 박연주 

글: 방혜진, 박진아, 유진상, 이성휘

후원: 서울문화재단


가격: 48,000원 

판매서점: (서울) 국립현대미술관 서울관 미술책방, 보안책방, 스프링 플레어

                  (뉘른베르크) Walther König 서점

온라인: 알라딘


Night for Day   Jina Park


250X210mm, 284 pages, Hardcover

Limitied Edition: 500

ISBN 978-89-97973-26-2 (93650)


Published by Hezuk Press

Planning: Jina Park, Sunghui Lee, Yeounjoo Park

Editing: Hanbum Lee

Design: Yeounjoo Park

Text: Haejin Phang, Jina Park, Jin-sang Yoo, Sunghui Lee

English Translation: Yoo-suk Kim, Eunah Park, Shinyoung Chung, Taey Iohe

English Proofreading: Joel Mckee, Yunhee Chung

Support: Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture


available at MMCA Seoul Art Bookshop, Boan Books and Spring Flare (Seoul),

                  Buchhandlung Walther König Nürnberg 



For more information on purchase, ask:

'news' 카테고리의 다른 글

solo exhibition_Kukje Gallery Busan  (0) 2021.07.23
Jina Park monograph is out now!  (0) 2020.09.01
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Jina Park
contact: jinaparkstudio at
Lives and Works in Seoul, Korea


2000           M.A. Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art & Design, London

1997           B.F.A. College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University, Seoul


Solo Exhibitions

2018          People Gathered Under the Lights, Hapjungjigu, Seoul

2018          Backstage, Kyobo Art Space, Seoul

2014          Neon Grey Terminal, HITE Collection, Seoul

2012          One and One, ONE AND J. Gallery, Seoul

2011          Two Stories, Hyundai Window Gallery, Seoul

2010          Snaplife, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul
2008          Eat, Sleep, Have Visions, ONE AND J. Gallery, Seoul

2007           Excursion, ONE AND J. Gallery, Seoul

2005           Leisure, Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul

2002           Solo Exhibition, Kumsan Gallery, Seoul

Two-person Exhibitions

2020          From Dusk Till Dawn: Jina Park and Leeje, Nook Gallery, Seoul

2016          Preparing the Next Piece: Jina Park and Rohwa Jeong, Nook Gallery, Seoul

2015          Out of Home: Jina Park and Younmi Byun, Plan.d. produzentengalerie,  Düsseldorf

2011          Listening to the Heater: Stefan Ettlinger/Jina Park, GALERIE URSULA WALBRÖL, Düsseldorf

2010          Nightsight :Jina Park and Peter Gahn, Galerie Korea, Koreanisches Kulturzentrum, Berlin


Selected Group Exhibitions

2020          The Painting & Narrative, Museum SAN, Wonju
  Unfolding, Art Center Artmoment, Seoul
2019          If I Were Not Your First, SeMA Storage, Seoul
  Kumho Young Artist: The 69 Times of Sunrises, Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul
2018          From the Face, 2/W, Seoul
2017          A Day without Devils, Space Can, Seoul
2016          Twin Peaks, Hite Collection, Seoul
                  The Edge of Night, OCI Museum of Art, Seoul
  Body Matters, Seoul Olympic Museum of Art
2015          Uproarious, Heated, Inundated, MMCA, Seoul
                  Tracing Shadows, Plateau, Seoul
   Paintings-All the Windows to the World, BMOCA, Paju

           Post-pictures, Gallery 175, Seoul

                  Landmarking, Space K, Gwacheon

2014          The Eyes of the Times-Painting:Multi-paintings, OCI Mueum of Art, Seoul

                  A Journal of the Plague Year. Continental Fear. Islands, Ghosts, Rebels. Arko Art Center, Seoul

                  Reality on the Reality, Art Space Jungmiso, Seoul

2013          Contemporary Travel, Ilhyun Museum, Yang Yang

                  Detail, Gallery Simon, Seoul

    Permeated Perspectives, Doosan Gallery, New York

                   Paintings, Gallery Grida, Seoul

2012           Do Window, Gallery Hyundai Gangnam, Seoul

                   No.45 Kumho Young Artists, Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul

2011           Anywhere, Mir Gallery, Pohang

    Seekers of the Future of Memories, Gana Art Center, Seoul

2010          2010  Hermès Foundation Missulsang(art prize), Atelier Hermès , Seoul

    Close Encounter, Jeju Museum of Art, Jeju
    Between, ONE AND J. Gallery, Seoul

2009          Suddenly Everything Has Changed, Platform in KIMUSA, Platform Seoul 2009, Seoul
                   Double Act, Savina Museum, Seoul

2008          Images and Narratives, Art in Daegu 2008, KT & G Annex, Daegu

                  On the Road, Annual Report: A Year in Exhibitions, The 7th Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju

                  B-side, DoArt Seoul, Seoul

                  Best of Discovery, ShContemporary 2008 Special Exhibition, Shanghai    

  Trace, ONE AND J. Gallery, Seoul

  Dazed & Painted, Seomi & Tuus, Seoul

2007          The Blur, Mook Gallery of Contemporary Art, Beijing

                  Outside of, Gallery 27, Kaywon School of Art & Design, Uiwang

                  Where Euclid Walked, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

                  Something Mr.C Can’t Have, KIAF Special Exhibition, COEX, Seoul

                  Up-and-Comers, Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul

2006          Project 001, Yeonhee-dong 195, Seoul

  Phenomenological Perception, Gallery 175, Seoul

                  Respiration, Pre-International Inchoen Wemen Artist’s Biennale, Inchoen

2004          Art in Culture Presents, New Face 2004, Duckwon Gallery, Seoul

2003         The Importance of Living in Seoul, Ssamzie Space Gallery, Alternative Space Loop, Seoul

2002         The Show, Insa Art Space, Seoul


Residencies and Subsidies

2011-2012  Mongin Art Space, Seoul

2009           Cite Internationale des Arts Paris
2009           International Exchange Support Program, Art Council Korea
2007-2008  Nanji Art Studio, Seoul Museum of Art

2008           Art and Culture Creation Support Program, Seoul Foundation for Arts & Culture

2008           Sungkok Artist of Tomorrow 2009

2005           New Artist Trend 2005, Seoul Foundation for Arts & Culture

2004           Kumho Young Artist 2004


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