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  1. 2020.09.01 Jina Park monograph is out now!

Jina Park monograph is out now!


작품집 발간 소식

Night for Day 박진아


250X210mm, 284페이지, 양장본

발행: 헤적프레스

기획: 박진아, 이성휘, 박연주

편집: 이한범

디자인: 박연주 

글: 방혜진, 박진아, 유진상, 이성휘

후원: 서울문화재단


가격: 48,000원 

판매서점: (서울) 국립현대미술관 서울관 미술책방, 보안책방, 스프링 플레어

                  (뉘른베르크) Walther König 서점

온라인: 알라딘



Night for Day   Jina Park


250X210mm, 284 pages, Hardcover

Limitied Edition: 500

ISBN 978-89-97973-26-2 (93650)


Published by Hezuk Press

Planning: Jina Park, Sunghui Lee, Yeounjoo Park

Editing: Hanbum Lee

Design: Yeounjoo Park

Text: Haejin Phang, Jina Park, Jin-sang Yoo, Sunghui Lee

English Translation: Yoo-suk Kim, Eunah Park, Shinyoung Chung, Taey Iohe

English Proofreading: Joel Mckee, Yunhee Chung

Support: Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture


available at MMCA Seoul Art Bookshop, Boan Books and Spring Flare (Seoul),

                  Buchhandlung Walther König Nürnberg 



For more information on purchase, ask: hezukpress@gmail.com

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